Transfer Station Day

Spring Transfer Station Day is a service offered strictly to the residents living in Mill Village Borough. Please do not abuse this privilege by bringing items that do not belong to a resident of the borough. You may bring your items to be thrown away to the Mill Village Borough Transfer Station on Woods Road on the designated day.

Items that will be accepted:Burnables – Recyclable metals – General dumpster items – Paint cans with solid (dry) paint or empty paint cans. Electronics (TVs, VCRs, DVD players, computers, etc.)

Items that will NOT be accepted: Daily Garbage – Tires – Propane tanks – Paint cans with liquid paint in them – Liquid oils – Construction debris – Shingles – Air conditioners, freezers or refrigerators that do not have a tag stating that the freon has been professionally removed.

Note: Do not leave items by the gates during the year. This is considered littering and you will be fined.

If you need to recycle electronic items, you can check the Erie County Recycling Program website for e-Cycling event dates and times in Erie County. These events usually require you to pre-register, so check the information carefully.